Marble Slabs for Your GTA Home Renovation

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Today more than ever, people understand the value of a dollar and need to make sure their hard-earned money is wisely invested, especially when it comes to home improvement, renovation, or construction projects. Many materials claim to be on par with marble, but none can match the elegance and style that comes from using marble slabs for your GTA home.

Marble Slabs GTA

Many of us are familiar with marble tiles, counters, flooring, and even jewellery that we encounter in one place or another almost every day, but few have actually thought about where this amazing natural stone comes from. In a world where most everything these days is either a copy or a poorly-veiled recycling of a popular trend, marble continues to be the real deal.
Mined all over the world from deep within the Earth, marble is excavated in giant slabs which have been formed from metamorphosed limestone after millennia beneath the Earth’s crust under high pressure. Not only does this all-natural stone come in a wide variety of colours and styles, but its high selling point is the natural uniqueness which occurs in the form of colour veins throughout the stone. These veins are the result of imperfections and other minerals trapped inside the limestone as it changes, causing unstructured patterns to emerge once the stone has turned into marble. What would normally cost astronomical fees for a commissioned artist to create can now occur naturally in your home, with guaranteed one-of-a-kind results.

Quality and Durability

Marble was once one of the most widely used stones in the world – not only in construction, but also in many famous works of art. The round domes on top of the Taj Mahal, for example, were constructed in the 1600’s and continue to stand pristinely to this day. While marble differs from its granite counterpart, in that it is possible to scratch the stone, adding a laminating finish will not only protect it from any marks, it also makes cleaning up a breeze. By installing quality marble, you can be assured of owning a product that will almost certainly outlast your time in the home.

Designer Beauty with an Affordable Price Tag

One of the most intriguing and enticing factors to consider when choosing marble slabs in the GTA is the personalized impact that its installation will bring to your life. Generally, artists commissioned to create unique patterns demand top dollar, leaving most buyers trapped with only the generic manufacturer options that so many of us dread. Our homes should be an extension of who we are, and if we are not like anyone else, then neither should our building materials. Formed by metamorphosed limestone, marble not only comes in a wide variety of shades and hues, it also contains unique colour vein patterns due to trapped minerals changing along with the limestone during its time underground.
With no two pieces being alike, you can bring individuality and style into your GTA home with a lasting beauty that will provide a return on your marble slabs investment time, and time again.